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Language Log

Thursday, Jun. 07, 2018 - 1:04 p.m.

Back again. Met my friend Jenny for lunch. Went and met Alice’s pigs and horses and lizard, etc. Hung out a little while and then really wanted a nap. Came back to room, napped. I NAPPED AT WILL. Ate granola, sat on the beach and moodily reflected on life and my bad life choices.

Went to sleep.

Had breakfast at the Beacon, biscuits and gravy, packed up my stuff and went to the bookstore. Had a nice conversation with the bookstore guy. I am always so surprised when I actually enjoy talking with someone. It was as though very little time had elapsed. Picked out a book of Chekhov’s letters, which he let me have for free. Rushed to the airport. Turned in car, got on plane.

Arrived in Memphis to a chatty mother in law. The transition was too abrupt. J’s friends were passing through and mil was in hostess mode and I found that I had not yet recovered my ability to hide myself sufficiently and was on the verge of a meltdown when J sent me upstairs to be alone.

“Would you like to sit down with us and visit? Would you like some wine? Would you like something to eat?”

“I...just wanna do what I wanna do.” I mumbled. Wondering why she thought I couldn’t figure out how to sit down if I wanted to. STOP ASKING SO MANY QUESTIONS OK.

I wish I had come back with some sort of enhanced coping capacity, but it was at least temporarily worse.

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