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Language Log

Saturday, Jul. 14, 2018 - 10:35 p.m.

We went to the big national park with a suspension bridge and whatnot. It was ok until maybe 3/4 through when the stress of the crowds and anxiety about everything turned a fairly normal squabble about who would go first on the treetop bridges into a loud M incident. Not quite a meltdown, but yelling and fussing loudly with all the emotional inhibition of a 2 year old. The international audience was staring at us. She didn’t want me near her, but was far enough away that people were concerned and tried talking to her and that made it worse. Eventually I explained it all to an employee and she was given the space to calm herself, and it was fine. Not fun though, and that’s all I’m going to remember about it.

Came home and crashed into a deep nap.

Period threatening to start because those dipshits at my doctor’s assured me they could fill the script in Canada, and they can’t of course. So I have taken one every other day the past couple days. Tomorrow we have to drive back down to Bellingham to fill it, plus attend a calligraphy conference keynote (yay!).

I kind of want to go home now, though.

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