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Language Log

Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2018 - 9:06 a.m.

My old zine friend sent me some stuff in the mail. Made me think about my old zine shenanigans. I miss having an outlet like that. Not that I had anything to say, but the guerilla art.

Made me think about graffiti and a different friend’s recent master-level trolling of her community on her FB page— she photoshopped pictures to make it look like she was painting over public art as if it were graffiti, and man did people get their panties in a wad.

Anyway I was thinking about printing stickers. I was talking to her about stickers too and pasteups, and she said this: “You have to not care that no one is going to understand it”. Which is precisely where my hangup was: what to communicate? To whom? Overtly political is bor-ing, cartoons seem...pointless. But if you look at it as a conversation with other street artists, or collaborative collage, or even just a conversation with yourself...that issue fades. I never have had a problem with making in-jokes that no one else gets. So in-, I am an audience of one.

On the issue of audience, she herself thinks about children, because she was very influenced by a graffiti piece when she was very young. You see the thing there every day as you walk by, and it makes a child think. As good an audience as any, better than most maybe.

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