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Language Log

Sunday, Nov. 04, 2018 - 4:10 p.m.

My mother calls. Leaves messages. I don’t want to talk, she leaves a message. I don’t listen to the message because I might feel obligated to call her back. Eventually I feel guilty about having not answered or returned her last 4 calls, so when she calls again I answer.

She wants to chat and hear all about my week. It’s not convenient and I don’t want to talk and when I try to she talks over me anyway. So I give minimal answers. One word. A sentence. No details. I don’t want follow up questions. She hangs up, clearly disappointed.

She should be used to me being disappointing by now. I don’t even want to try harder. There’s no problem I’m looking to solve here. I’m not the best daughter. I don’t even care.

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