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Monday, Dec. 03, 2018 - 9:43 p.m.

Finally talked to a nurse about the birth control and my mood swings and the incessant bleeding. Unfortunately they say that this one I’m already on is supposed to be one of the better ones for people with depression issues etc. She suggested an otc supplement to help with hormonal uptake. And as for the bleeding, it is what it is. They can do an ablation or I can get an IUD, that might help. I don’t want either of those.

Not really what I was hoping to hear.

Was a little stressed out tonight from Hanukkah madness. Then some mod from a leftist page I’m in messages to ask about a “problematic” poll I had offhandedly answered, explain why you answered the way you did please, or we’ll ban you, all poll respondents to be banned in 24 hours.

Apparently the poll was biphobic? And I put pan instead of bi and I haven’t really made a goddamned study of it and I think this is an excellent example of leftbook madness. But I really like the group. Even though 2 of my friends have left on account of their collective hostility toward cis men.

Anyway this message caused a mood drop and meltdown-immanent conditions. Whee.

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