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Language Log

Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018 - 2:32 p.m.

Time to make my list of shit that’s overwhelming me here at the beginning of the holidays:

1. Cleaners coming to clean casita on Friday. Also parts of main house but I’m so embarrassed by the main house I want to clean it before they come clean it but I can’t because if I could it wouldn’t be dirty, would it? I’m told I can’t hide from the cleaners.

2. Several boxes arriving every day. Where the fuck to put them?

3. Projects I was planning to do:
-cloth gift bags (have done 3 but always wish I had more)
- that tree skirt
-the alternate, simpler tree skirt
- cloth gift tags (one done)
- a couple gifts, also textile
- appliqué Xmas designs on the kids’ pjs
- small run of linocut Xmas cards

4. My sister is going to be in phx and I’m supposed to go visit with her with my mom but all I feel is dread at the prospect. If you wanna be my friend, then like my memes on FB, don’t make me have dinner with you, fuck.

5. J’s parents arriving next Monday

6. She’s all the time doing our laundry without permission and now I have sexy underpants I don’t want her folding so what? Do I do about that?

7. Can I just hide? I rescind my consent to all of this. Lock me in the basement and I’ll keep making cookies for everyone but that’s where it ends. Please?

8. I have to clean the studio and arrange stuff so we can wrap things and store presents and stuff.

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