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Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2018 - 1:06 p.m.

Oh, update on the stocking thing.

Ok, so the reason they wanted to do it on the 28th was because my brother in law and his wife are arriving today and we’re doing a second round of gift exchange and I guess everyone thought it would be a good idea for all the adults to do theirs all at once then. Plus maybe that extra couple shopping days may have factored into it.

Normally we all open stockings Xmas morning together. This is already a departure from my preferred tradition of sneaking off to do it by myself and not having the pressure of making pleasant facial expressions about everything, but I’ve learned to suppress my annoyance about it and shut my gob and be a team player for once.

Anyway, I told J I was lowkey freaking out about the stocking thing and he went ahead and did mine for me so I could open it by myself while I finished the wrapping Christmas morning. He’s a good one. His mother was a bit surprised and mildly confused by this move, but that’s a Big Mood for her anyway when she’s around here.

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