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Language Log

Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019 - 11:23 a.m.

Everyone is screaming. U is kicking the bedroom door relentlessly.

Q got mad about something yesterday and decided that the way she would manage her anger was to not let anyone see her for a week. A WHOLE FUCKING WEEK.

Not surprisingly, her little brothers won’t cooperate. This morning she wouldn’t just get up and walk the 5 feet to the bedroom door with a sheet over her. The boys kept trying to look at her when she tried to get up, even as I tried to make a wall with a blanket for the 10 seconds it would take her to leave. Eventually I tackled them and tried to cover their eyes so she could get up. E pulled away and saw her, now she’s in the bathroom screaming and both the boys are screaming and I would like someone to beam me up until they stop because once again, I have no solutions.

“Kids are fun” they said. “It’s different when they’re your own” they said.

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