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Language Log

Sunday, Feb. 10, 2019 - 3:22 p.m.

I was briefly really excited about the cuff bracelets, and I still kinda am, but someone wanted to trade with me and I said ok and I asked what color? And she said grey and didn’t say any other colors and I don’t know if she meant grey cloth or grey thread or...? So I made a thing and I don’t really like it (she wanted it to say “enjoy” and that...does not excite me) and I’m just meh.

Also I received my patch for the exchange and I didn’t post about it when I got it, she sent me 2, I only sent her one, now she’s received mine and posted about it and basically I haven’t even logged into that account for days because I’m avoiding the whole thing and I don’t know why. I can always say something came up irl as long as I don’t log in to that account at all.

I think if I do it only on IG I will not sell any, I will just end up trading, but that’s not gonna buy me tattoos or lattes. So I looked into doing another Etsy shop but. *heaves sigh* Guess I have to figure out how to change the shop name again.

Making one now on denim that says “bitch here”. Haha.

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