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Monday, Feb. 25, 2019 - 8:53 a.m.

Briefly turning over the idea of a Patreon, something where I do what I do and send stuff to people who like what I do. But I strongly suspect it would be too demanding for me. I do regularly produce, lord knows, but I don’t know how to frame what I do such that it seems unified and intentional and timely. And having browsed a few Patreons, I’ll tell you, there’s nothing quite as sad as a Patreon with 2 supporters generating $11/month.

I mean, if I had a bunch of patrons, I’d follow through. Until the joy was sucked it of it. If I had only a couple patrons, I’d fizzle in a matter of weeks.

I’m still gonna keep kicking the idea around, see if there’s a way to make the way I work a feature, not a bug. A way to make it the closest thing possible to my ideal business model of people pulling up in the alley, ringing a bell, and shoving money at me in exchange for whatever I’ve been making lately.

I am still thinking of Brother Mel, the artist who was the cash cow for his monastery. His schtick was that he would take on a totally new medium every year or so. Painting. Recycled metal sculpture. Whatever. There were many iterations. I expect he had a team of marketers helping to make this successful. It seemed to be working.

That would be a pretty good premise for a Patreon, actually. Develop a new skill, document the learning process, produce a body of work in that medium, offer the results as rewards. Hmmm. One would need a coherent aesthetic that carries well from one medium to the next. Family resemblances come into it somehow maybe.

I’m still not really linear enough for that, I suspect.

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