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Language Log

Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019 - 3:54 p.m.

Definitely in the midst of some kind of cyclical creative period. Plus in general less anxiety and higher productivity/more energy.

Stupid shit I have decided to try this time: it’s warm today and really too warm for me to want my converse on, but I haven’t ordered new sandals yet. “Why don’t i try making some out of scrap fabric?” I thought. Ok, there’s probably a good reason why it won’t work but if I’m not walking miles, then maybe it would be interesting and I can just mend them as they erode and that would be interesting. So here I am at the coffee shop, sewing together 5 layers of scrap fabric into a sole. Wish me luck. Edited to add: made one shoe. I think I like it? But I might not tomorrow, Brain is still weird. Main downside is that the sole is floppy and turns under easily at the toe if I drag my feet at all. I wish I could do both of them tonight, I’d totally wear them tomorrow. It’s exhausting though. And my fingers hurt. Should the other shoe look the same? Or different fabric? Hmmmm

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