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Language Log

Wednesday, Mar. 06, 2019 - 9:26 a.m.

I did recover enough energy to clean the fridge. Go me. So far the reward system is working pretty well.

I read an article in a jewelry art journal about making medical equipment worn on the body more aesthetic and personal. I liked it.

I had had the idea some time ago of making the autistic color badges into wearable art— normally they are used at conferences and cons, and are on lanyards, but that isn’t conducive to everyday use. I’d love for them to be well known enough to be in common use for everyone who feels they would benefit— and have been trying to think of ways to make them functional and personally meaningful. I’d love to see all sorts of versions in all sorts of aesthetics and materials, widely available and very familiar. And somehow the extroverted NTs taking them seriously.

Anyway, trying to think of what my own best version would be like. At a minimum there need to be 3 and that’s a problem. Reversible is easy but having 3 ready to hand is trickier. Also some sort of kit to help explain them to people. Maybe include a few printed cards with explanations.

Pendants? Pins? Bracelets? What would work best?

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