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Language Log

Thursday, Mar. 14, 2019 - 7:44 a.m.

To say I am over my desire to wrap small loops of cloth with thread would be an exaggeration.

I am thinking big in a way I seldom follow through on. So just sit with this vision: a large tapestry-like hanging of such little loops. The base loops are whatever color or colors but one achieves shading by wrapping them in more or less of a different color of thread. Very subtle gradations of color can be achieved in this way, and when viewed en masse from across the room, perhaps images, or vivid gradations of color appear. Each loop is a pixel...not, because it is analog. Half a loop may be wrapped in one color, half in another.

For now I will just make these things until I have enough to arrange and play with and see what I can see.

When I was 16 I collected can pop tops from the ground around the marina where I lived and wired them together into the beginnings of a tapestry. But I gave up when I had picked up all the pop tops I could find.

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