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Language Log

Sunday, Mar. 24, 2019 - 8:47 p.m.

Took my mother to Phoenix. It was ok. I mostly didn’t talk. I didn’t have anything to say, and I gave myself permission to not say anything.

Mom says her friend really liked the prints I used to have on my Etsy and didn’t know why I didn’t just keep doing that.

Mom discussed my cousins’ mental illnesses and said that she thinks there’s too much information about that sort of thing on tv now; back in her day people didn’t have these sorts of problems.

I did say something about that.

I timed it so we really didn’t have time to go to lunch or we’d risk missing out on the children’s museum, and couldn’t go to dinner because we weren’t going to drive all the way back from the children’s museum. U got a nosebleed on the way there. I looked back and his lower face was covered in blood, and his hands. He didn’t want anyone to see or mention it so I ignored it but explained to mom that it was not a good idea for him to come in and meet the person she was visiting. So he got out of that and I had a good reason to go quickly.

We only had 45 minutes at the museum, but it was fine. He let me wipe the blood off him first.

Then the drive home. We hadn’t eaten since the morning and we’re both feeling bad. But he didn’t want to go anywhere he hadn’t been before, and I couldn’t navigate in Phoenix traffic while driving, so we ended up just coming home.

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