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Language Log

Tuesday, Apr. 09, 2019 - 7:18 a.m.

Took Q and E to the public pool yesterday evening. E just started swim lessons last week, but the pool has a big shallow beach entry and splash pad.

Q and even U, despite his bluster, are both very cautious. E, the token allistic, is not. Eventually he goes deeper and deeper. I mean, 3 feet, but right at the edge of what he can touch. Monkey walking along the wall, hanging from the ladder, walking out away toward the middle with his head just above the water. When he headed that way I followed him.

Eventually, I glanced at him and there he was...too deep. Trying to swim and bob and unable to get his mouth and nose above the water. Too far from the edge of the pool. I dropped to my knees, reached out and pulled him up and over to me.

He was ok. No sputtering, no water inhaled, just scared. Then he got cold and wanted back in so I let him, and told him stay near the edge when he’s that deep. He did. He continued bouncing and chattering to himself constantly.

It was fine. It was as they say...so quiet, so quick. No one but me had noticed.

Then Q came up and asked why my knees were red. I looked down and where I had been kneeling on the rough poolside concrete, my knees and even feet were scraped raw and bleeding. Then it started to hurt.

And no one noticed my bleeding, so I stood there watching E until it was time to go, blood trickling down my legs.

So that was exciting.

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