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Language Log

Thursday, Apr. 18, 2019 - 7:36 a.m.

Yesterday was horrible.
1. Q’s swim class. E and U climbing all over me and arguing about who would get to sit in my lap. I was on the verge of a sensory meltdown from this. E running everywhere (dangerous because no shoes and drippy people on hard institutional flooring), dragged him out to car while Q was getting dressed. Then U had a meltdown because we didn’t all go to car together. Then Q was upset because we weren’t going out to lunch (even though we had discussed this ahead of time).

2. E’s swim class. Mom came along. Most of swim went fine. Dinner afterward at a burger and ice cream parlour type place. E tantrum because grandma went in before him. U tantrum because I wouldn’t let him climb on the ledge around the ice cream case. Then when it was time to leave, I took the boys to wash up and E was going really slow, meanwhile U had gone back to table to discover they had cleared away his trash and he needed to keep his trash. Full screaming meltdown in the middle of the restaurant. Had to drag him outside, leaving E in bathroom. Sent mom to get E. He wouldn’t come, she ended up dragging him out. I had to force him into his seat. The only way I got U to buckle in was to pretend I was about to drive anyway.

3. Got home, the iPad had rebooted and U was terrified that it would be changed somehow. Won’t let me log back in. The plan had been for E to stay in casita with mom, hopefully falling asleep. Or at least staying till I got U asleep. But U demands he come back so he can watch videos. E did and this part actually went very smoothly. Took him back to mom around 11:30, put U to bed, came out at 12:04 to find mom there. She said E had been crying and screaming “for 2 hours” (35 minutes) and had come back over just now to our bedroom where he waited for me to put him to bed. She said to tell him she was sorry for yelling at him. And that she was going home now “because I don’t want to have to see him in the morning”.

I laid down with him and we all went to sleep.
At least everyone slept through the night. Now let’s see how much alone time I get this morning. I need some.

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