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Thursday, Apr. 25, 2019 - 9:01 a.m.

I’m down from my momentary MAKE SUGAR SCRUBS high. The one I did with the rosewater and earl grey was very nice. The rose scent faded a lot once I added the oil. It’s nice.

Swim classes went ok yesterday. It all went ok.

Have started my next round of color on my thing. The last one went quickly because it was large loops, this one is small loops and may take me forever. Haven’t decided to do one round of the color or to start doubling. I’m running out of ways to take good pictures of the object now. Update: I may not be down from the sugar scrub high making after all. I finally used it in the shower and really liked it. Then I came across this thread in one of the autistic groups about scent aversions and most everyone listed perfumes. So it occurs to me that there’s a niche market for this. Most handmade body product folk offer one unscented thing, it’s plain with no nothing (FOR THE WEIRD ALLERGIC OR PICKY PEOPLE), and then the rest of their stuff is heavily scented. Seems like there’s a spot for people who prefer lightly scented yet not totally plain products. And I know where to find those people. Also, adding the little bit of liquid to the sugar and letting it dry again helped it recrystallize such that it’s scrubbier, which I like.

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