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Language Log

Monday, May. 20, 2019 - 9:16 a.m.

Spent all day yesterday making the luggage tag for myself. I’m pleased with how it turned out. I really do enjoy making those; if it were just a little less time consuming, I’d probably try selling them. If I gave in and got a sewing machine, they’d be that much less time consuming. Oh well.

Reasons to:
I would enjoy it for 2 weeks
Maybe would make $40

Reasons not to:
Would suck the joy out of it
I suck at business
I’d have all the problems that happen when you have a personalized product— working with people.

So I won’t. I can make one for the in-laws, and my mom, and my friend Sarah, and a couple more for us.

Edited to add: sugar scrub update I did a Moroccan green mint one. It hasn’t been sitting very long so the scent will probably get stronger, but it’s nice too. I didn’t take any steps to partially dissolve the sugar and recrystallize it, so it was a finer grain of scrubby. I don’t like it as well. I like really abrasive scrubs. Daily complaint department:
GoT finale annoyed me.
Mom did basically ok with the kids except for when I was dealing with a U meltdown and she took that to be a good time to sit there in the next room and explain to Q how she disagreed with our parenting. “I think they’re too lenient on the boys. But only time will tell. We’ll see what kind of men they grow up to be.”

1. When Q was 5 we were considering medicating her for her aggression. She still has issues but not to that extent. Hold the course and people mature.

2. He was having an outburst because I specifically wasn’t giving in to his demands and was holding him to standards of behavior he didn’t want to be held to. This is good parenting. This is how they learn emotional regulation. Not by punishing them for expressing their emotions.

3. My brother turned out grreaaat. For that matter, I’m pretty fucking fabulous too when I’m tired and on a short fuse. My mom is definitely the parenting expert.

After about 3 minutes, Q got up and left, because she seriously has no fucks to give, bless her heart.

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