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Language Log

Wednesday, Jun. 12, 2019 - 6:43 a.m.

I had been working on a creative problem lately and once again the answer came to me in my sleep.

I want to make a series of bdsm jewelry— collars at the very least, possibly some sort of harness as well— but art jewelry. Looking at what’s out there, the tradition seems to be very much 1. Leather, or 2. Steel or 3. Lace 4. Some sort of vinyl. Then for day collars they can literally be anything and so that’s less interesting. And there has to be, if not a buckle, then a ring on it (even if not really functional).

Textiles seemed too soft and not quite right. Yes, in theory it can be anything, and I have seen elastic harnesses, but it wasn’t really grabbing me.

So last night here I am sleeping and I have this idea: tyvek. The first visual was actually an origami collar, followed not long after by a book one, made from pages of tyvek. It’s really strong, takes paint and ink and embroidery, looks/feels like paper.

Imagine a Japanese 5-hole binding book, 14” long and an inch wide, to wrap around the neck and secured with a lock. Painted black with acrylics it would look very much like leather. Text on it.

No, obviously not collar for rough play, but an art piece.

Here I am in Tennessee, no tyvek or bookbinding supplies anywhere to be seen. *sob* Update, 4 hours later: what a weird idea. What the fuck am I gonna do with that? Jeez brain, thanks.

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