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Language Log

Tuesday, Jun. 18, 2019 - 10:00 p.m.

We finally made it to NH. The last couple days of driving were...long. But we’re here.

This house we rented is amazing. First of all, very large and I’m hoping it’ll be big enough to give the kids some space from each other and room to play.

It’s a very 70s split-level house, has something like 3 living room type areas, plus a room with a fireplace and bar, and a basement suite. I guess one of the living rooms goes with that. Then three bedroom and enough beds for everyone. The doors don’t lock, which may be a problem when Q wants alone time and U is feeling rejected about that. Let’s hope no doors are broken this year.

I’ve kind of claimed the downstairs for myself...work area, workout area. There’s no door though so it won’t work when I really need to flee and calm down.

It’s decorated very 70s as well, they’ve kept the theme throughout and it is wild. I feel like I should just be drinking scotch and doing coke while wearing a polyester bell bottom jumper, hair feathered just so, and then having everyone over for an orgy. Oh well.

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