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Language Log

Saturday, Jun. 29, 2019 - 9:40 a.m.

Woke up early this morning. U woke not long after my tea was ready, and I put him back to sleep and fell asleep for 2 more hours myself. It felt good. It began to rain gently and I enjoyed waking to that. Happens maybe once a year in Tucson, and usually the window isn’t open so I can hear it properly.

Q spends most of her time in her room here, and seems happy. I feel bad that it’s so easy to ignore her. On the other hand, she seems happy, and a lot less fighting between her and U, so I guess it’s ok. Just need to get her reading books and she’ll be set.

I should be looking up other things I want to do while we’re here, but I don’t feel very ambitious. I have online friends nearby but I don’t really want to talk with them in person.

More than halfway through the round of color I started most recently on my thing. Still uncertain when to begin the transition to green. I wonder if I will be done with it by the time I visit Wales, will I be working on a new one? U has requested the next one be blue/purple/white and I don’t see why not. Not sure how they will go. I like the configuration where the transition, the luminal edge is central, and the center is marginal.

When I begin work on the next one people will begin to ask me what I will do with these. I still don’t have an answer to that. One friend asked me how to do it so she can make a scarf. I told her. I feel possessive of the idea since it is mine, but also there is a lot to do with this technique. And most people won’t have the diligence and vision that I do. And to make it a scarf tweaks my always-sensitive Art-Craft status detector. I am making these to be hung on a wall, ART. Because it makes me feel good. But right now I’m working with it on a round coffee table and it looks like a large doily or small tablecloth. I photographed it on the floor, and it was a rug. Sometime I think about throwing it over my head and hiding behind it badly, with my fingers sticking out.

(Ok, I just took a picture like that and it was awesome.)

It’s worth considering carefully how display in these different contexts may transform its meaning. Maybe it should not be one or another. An in-between thing, simply a textile. Of course, they all would be for display only, I don’t want 6 months of my life getting walked on or tea spilled on it.

Still thinking about how to make it jewelry, and yet still grand, ambitious, and meaningful.

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