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Language Log

Thursday, Jul. 04, 2019 - 5:58 p.m.

Today I remain pleased with the tattoo. Good thing, huh.

I continue to speculate about art vending machines. I like to imagine one that gives you very small modular objects of some sort that can be assembled into a larger work of art. Lego. What else?

Also artistamps. It might be time to stage an artistamp comeback. Raise your hand if you remember when I did that. 1999? 2000? I checked out the old yahoo group and it has dwindled to nothing.

J and I were talking about the way that art stamps differ from, say, a sheet of comparably sized stickers. I like the way their ostensible officialness makes them political, as if some country is endorsing and commemorating whatever is depicted. I think they lend themselves to political commentary and satire very well for that reason. That’s never so much what I did with them, but it may be the best use. Imagine a commemorative stamp for every POC killed by police or trans person murdered out of hatred. Or even just celebrating the more notorious ones. So many other things. Crap I wish I had brought my linocut tools. Well. I can draw. That has to happen first anyway.

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