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Language Log

Sunday, Jul. 07, 2019 - 8:29 a.m.

It’s cooled back off today and thank fuck. Did I mention no ac in this house? And no fans. Even on the boat we at least had fans and lots of windows to open.

The necklace thing, I forgot to mention, is also shaping up to be kinda fuckin ugly. I mean, the embroidery is nice, but it is bright yellow and there may be no redeeming that. It is BOLD in a way people don’t usually find appropriate for jewelry so there’s another reason to just go all the way over the top with it. It won’t ever be tasteful no matter what I do.

Things I have thought about writing on it:
— lose weight now, ask me how
— filthy pervert lecher bitch slut degenerate
— kick that habit man kick that habit man (a monte cazzaza song)
— smile awhile full of bile don’t you dig my funky style
— I do not believe in anything, and I do not know what my calling is. (Chekhov)
— Life is a nasty business for everyone. (Chekhov)

I’ll probably go with some Chekhov because he’s my go-to for pretty much everything. J thinks I should leave well enough alone. What is it with people thinking that? Why would anyone do that?!

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