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Language Log

Saturday, Jul. 20, 2019 - 7:22 a.m.

Yesterday I managed to do a full backbend. Very proud, bragged about it everywhere. It had been at the end of an already full workout. Today I am sore. So very, very sore. I’ll do it again, for sure, but...maybe not today.

Slept badly. Hot room, U was aggressively snuggled up to me. I just kept waking up. Only 4 hours of sleep even if it hadn’t been interrupted. Now I have to pack us up so we can get on the road.

E fell asleep on the way back from wherever we were yesterday, around 7:30. Stayed asleep until around 11-11:30, then was up ALL NIGHT. Has just fallen back asleep now at about 7:15am.

Sluggish. The beginning of a headache. That creeping feeling of permeating dread and ennui.

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