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Language Log

Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019 - 7:41 a.m.

Got the cold E brought home from the birthday party last weekend.

Don’t know yet if he’s going to refuse school today, but he didn’t go to sleep till midnight, so probably he will either sleep too long or be cranky. He did eventually say he would but I doubt that, even if it was sincere, that sincerity will hold up when it comes time.

Kicking around pricing for my bracelets, since I had to set a price for the custom one. I probably shouldn’t think about it. Because then I’ll start making stuff with marketability in mind, and then it’ll lose its magic. Good to have an idea, though, in case someone else asks. It could happen!

Kicking around the idea of necklaces. You button these embroidered bracelets end to end and they wrap many times around the neck. Modular and you can swap out colors or whatever. Mix of plain, colorful, with text, with other decorative stuff. Throw some extra buttons and buttonholes in there to make it easier to adjust the fit. Would it look cool? It would look different and I suppose opinions would vary. I might try it.

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