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Language Log

Sunday, Aug. 18, 2019 - 9:26 a.m.

Yesterday I worked all morning on art and stuff. Gradually feeling a little better.

In the afternoon we discovered we have bedbugs and I spent the rest of the day decluttering and cleaning and bagging stuff up to heat treat. The good thing about it happening at this time of year here is that we can just put it in a black bag and stick it outside. 114 is rookie numbers.

I worked really hard on the bat portion of my linocut only to discover that I’m not that into it and it doesn’t fit the rest stylistically. Glad I did it because I got some practice shading (just enough practice to see how much I have to learn), but now I have to start over on that part, cut out the one I already did, try to get the sharpie off the other ones. Well, this is why I started early. Also I have now lost about 3lbs of travel weight, only 2lbs above my weight when we left, and only 4-5 lbs above where I want to be so I can fit into my preferred clothes comfortably again. I’m relieved to find I can lose it again when I can control my circumstances properly (eating my chosen foods on my own schedule, not restaurant food or social eating with others).

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