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Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2019 - 5:01 p.m.

The woman loved the bracelet. But when I told her the price she said she was embarrassed, she had thought it was a (free) sample so she can feature me in the fancy magazines. And asked if we could work out some sort of compromise.

I then apologized too and said I hadn’t realized, I sometimes don’t know how things work. But she should let me know what would work for her. She read it and didn’t say anything immediately and then I realized she wanted me to just offer it free.

So I did. Out of embarrassment really. And will anything come of it, I don’t know. And now I’m second-guessing whether my price is really a good price after all.

I feel naive for not realizing that was what she expected, and I can’t tell whether I’m being taken advantage of or not. It’s...kinda shitty to let someone make something for you and just assume it’ll be free because of promises. But this is apparently how the game is played. I didn’t know. I never expect games.

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