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Language Log

Friday, Aug. 30, 2019 - 12:25 p.m.

Frustrating morning because E was a little late and then we got there and discovered I forgot his hat and he insisted on riding home with me to get it instead of just letting me go get it and bring it back.

I get unreasonably panicky-anxious especially in new situations.

Then mom didn’t make it back in time for me to go pick him up and I was panicking because I didn’t want him to be upset and we lose all the trust that had gotten him to the point of staying a half day. So I dragged the other 2 along to get him and turns out he wants to stay the whole day today. Awesome, but now I have to get my mom back here so I can take him a second snack. Because naturally she didn’t stay once she found we had all gone.

I just...it’s been a lot of flight-or-fight for me today and I feel kind of sick to my stomach. What helps with that?

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