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Sunday, Sept. 08, 2019 - 9:45 a.m.

[Updated this with more rambling about bunting.] The thing about buntings is that they are inherently celebratory. They aren’t just signs, or even flags in multiple. So whatever I put on them, it’s like it’s a decoration for a party about that thing. It’s a frame that forces a joyful interpretation. This will be even more interesting to play with than I initially thought.

The first bunting, I did a blanket stitch to attach the flags. That took too long. The second one, a running stitch, the printed them, then sewed the flags together. But I worried a lot about smudging the ink but was too impatient to wait until they dried. The third one, I just used 4-5 stitches to attach them to the cord, sewed them up completely, and printed last. But the printing turned out a little wonky, but redoing them completely would be a pain. So I probably shouldn’t do the printing last. And maybe I shouldn’t make the flags fold over completely. I cut a big diamond and fold it over to be a triangle, but probably I could just do a triangle, one running stitch along the top to affix it to the cord, and just let there be a right side and a wrong side. At least for the printed ones. If I do more stitched ones I still need the back to fold over so the stitching is hidden. I do have SOME standards.

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