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Language Log

Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019 - 4:47 p.m.

Feeling better today than yesterday.

Hung another bunting. Last time we checked it was still there. Not as busy at that stop on a Sunday? I don’t know. But if more people get to see it, that’s ok too.

Some self-doubt about it, like I should have better things to do with my time. That old criticism of all things beautiful. But I’ve been telling myself that if people see it and it makes some of them happy or their day a little more interesting, it’s fully worthwhile. It’s a weird mixed feeling of being badass and yet frivolous. Weird tension.

My bookstore friend posted a thing bitching about the city of Daytona, like he does, and reposted a thing with all these pics of areas in disrepair or with graffiti. I commented saying that the graffiti artists need to step up their game, they can do better work (it was all tags). Someone responded with “I don’t like graffiti any more than anyone else, but...(conceded my point)”.

And I thought about it and the truth is actually do like graffiti. Not the fancy street art stuff but even the simple tags with their “fuck shit up” motivation. I really sympathize with the desire to fuck shit up, even though it’s mostly not a primary motivation for myself. And the truth is that for a lot of people who do it, it’s a passion and it really keeps them from getting into more serious trouble. Even the tags.

I’m getting excited about my trip. Most worried about making it from the airport to my Airbnb successfully. And then back again when it’s time. Will bring ramen in case I have a day or two of paralysis while I adjust.

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