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Language Log

Monday, Sept. 16, 2019 - 10:47 a.m.

I made up a batch of sugar scrub with the Kentucky bourbon and woodsmoke scent from Hexennacht and it may be my favorite yet. I thought I was going to remain stuck on Aziraphale, but no. I guess it’s not surprising I’d want to just permanently smell like bourbon, teak and woodsmoke.

Mom gave me $60 for my birthday and I may well spend it all on perfume oil.

In addition to the woodsmoke and bourbon, I want Sinterklaas (Speculoos cookies, mandarin oranges, black tea sweetened with sugar and fresh heavy cream), Crowley (Black tea, bergamot, tobacco, vanilla, amber); and Hexcake (gingerbread cake, salted caramel, baked apples, vanilla ice cream, pumpkin pecan waffle). Will probably just get a sample of the latter.

Tempted to save it toward my next tattoo, but...nah. MULTIPLE INDULGENCES. Indulgence on every front, really.

Gave Q and U a set of scented markers for the trip today. Watching them go through them and smell them all...I can relate.
Update: I am having trouble focusing on the packing.

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