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Language Log

Tuesday, Oct. 01, 2019 - 10:33 a.m.

I lost weight while I was there and put my standard Memphis 5lbs on in the 3 days I was back. But still, I’m home, the number is bigger than before I left but the short I was waiting to fit me are now wearable.

I buried my discontent by going to Costco. They have these new crispy shiitake mushrooms for snacking that are really good. And I am trying out a new samefood. My other one which they still haven’t restocked was a beef bulgogi bowl. The new thing I am trying are beef bulgogi dumplings. They’re very good. High in sodium but I don’t eat much more besides that so it’s ok I think. As long as I’m eating my veggies for the other meal.

I am still struggling a little being back. I was looking forward to that trip for a long time, and now there’s nothing else scheduled. I need to talk with my friend about him coming here but am anxious that he won’t want to try and then I’ll feel resentful that I’m the only one investing resources into our completely unwholesome thing. So I haven’t brought it up yet.

J has been amazing about all that, by the way. I need to find something to do with him that I can look forward to, too.

I need to harness my energy into revitalizing my selling of things. Gonna try to work on that a little today. Maybe make a plan at least. Clear the work table.

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