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Language Log

Saturday, Oct. 05, 2019 - 7:16 a.m.

Added some items to the Etsy shop and made it active and added it to my IG and FB posts about the print. It’s just a small quantity of this and that at this point but I think I read the best approach is to add a few things weekly and people will check back to see what you have.

I am nervous about my prices.

I need to be more willing to do self-promo. I have felt the annoyance of people at me constantly mentioning my shop, so maybe just...every now and then. But when I do I need to channel the confidence of the sex workers on my FB friend list.

Only an edition of 30 but I am a bit tired of them already, lol. Scoring the paper is not a rewarding task.

I had a bit of a thing about antimacassars last night. Namely realizing they are ripe for getting the craftivism treatment. Everyone has forgotten about them as a potential decorative element. But I do not have time for that shit. Ridiculous militant antimacassars. Not me, no not me.

Scale said 170.2 this morning. I’m sorry to keep mentioning this. Last June I made it down to 168 and was very pleased. So I am nearly very pleased again. 165 is my ideal weight, but the only reason I will continue for a bit is because of sweet-eating season approaching. I’m a big hypocrite for being all “yeah down with diets, health at every size” and then wanting to lose weight still. Conditioning is hard to shake and I like feeling happy with how I look. I don’t want to be like my mother, 89 and saying I need to lose 20 lbs. FOR WHAT, BE HAPPY, WOMAN. But here I am. Honestly, with all the internal battles I have, I’m just not gonna worry about this one. Stick with first-order struggles and set aside meta-struggles this time.

Let’s be clear though I know I have listed this stuff in this new shop and no one is going to buy a damn thing. I’ll be discouraged, then drop it. Turn back to some other equally unprofitable endeavor.

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