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Language Log

Monday, Oct. 07, 2019 - 6:55 a.m.

Yesterday started rough but eventually got better.

I need to make more things to add to the shop now. If I’m gonna do this, I need to do it right. Or passably well, anyhow.

Started embroidering one of the jackolanterns I printed on fabric but it’s only meh so far.

Feeling in-betweeny.

Still want the giant purple paper but I refuse to let myself get it without a plausible plan for what to do with it. It’s a limited edition color though. What if it’s discontinued before I get any?!

I took a small piece of black paper, cut a couple pop-up shapes into it, folded it into a single v-pleat, and doodled on it. The result is...hmmm. Hmmmm?

I have enough to do, patches and bunting and bracelets and Halloween prints, my large wall piece... and so on. But here we are. Thinking about folding things again.

Update: had all morning to work, have failed to get anything done. It’s a paralysis day, a processing day maybe. I don’t know why this happens but it happens regularly. Seems to be part of my process. I should have gone out and had coffee I guess. Instead of just sitting here saying “no” to everything I have thought of.

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