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Language Log

Monday, Oct. 07, 2019 - 4:25 p.m.

So yeah I ended up just sitting there failing to do anything for a long time, and then about a half hour before the end of my work time I started working on the jackolantern embroidery. It’s going ok.

The new Bound and Lettered arrived and someone did an embroidered something in there but they called them tablets and they were really layers and layers of fabric sewn together as a heavy backing with the embroidery on the front. It was interesting. Like an inch thick or so. I might copy them on that idea.

Anyway I decided I will try to add 4 items per week to my Etsy. Can I do that? I don’t know. Will anyone care? I don’t know.

J’s parents have their 50th wedding anniversary this November and are talking about doing a big family vacation next summer. J is lobbying for the pacific NW, Bellingham, which would be nice because I am already comfortable in Bellingham and could see my Seattle area people and stuff but. Also I am filled with dread. I may as well get used to the fact of being filled with dread about everything. I always am.

Truth is I really want to see my Welsh pal again not once but perhaps twice next year, but I haven’t talked to him about the part where he comes over here yet, I don’t know if he can. I imagine I will be fairly resentful if he doesn’t want to try. And even if he does, that all seems very self-indulgent. Self-indulgence is my jam though. What else is life for? Fuck I need to make money.

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