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Language Log

Tuesday, Oct. 08, 2019 - 6:09 a.m.

I really should just focus on the jewelry. I know how it’s done, from art shows to wholesale. If I had been only this level of busy when I stopped, I wouldn’t have needed to stop. The only reason I haven’t is....my work table is cluttered. No, really. I need a plan and my work table is cluttered.

J mentioned the ones I used to do with the dyed paper and lettering. They were always pretty popular, the only reason I stopped was because I wanted to raise my average price point and perceived value. And I never liked the “poke hole in it and twist wire” method of attaching findings. I could probably update that line with my new techniques.

The leaves were always very popular too.

Maybe I should reconsider some of my basic designs, update the dyed paper ones. Dyed paper and lettering, leaves, cyanotypes. That’s a solid range.

Okay, ok. I will make my complete plan today. And clear the table a little more. Making money for my specific shenanigans is only part of it. I hate that I have to earn income in order to feel like I have self-worth, but like the weight stuff, late capitalism born and bred, you can’t just shake it off at will. And clearly I’m not finding my meaning in parenting and shitposting.

Have to take Q to an in person autism screening today and that’s gonna suck. At least they’ll get to see that we’re not kidding when we say she’s uncooperative.

update: the ones with words...are people still into that? I don’t want to be writing “live” and “laugh” on things any more. The ones with words always did better than the ones without words, though.

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