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Language Log

Wednesday, Oct. 09, 2019 - 7:16 a.m.

I’m feeling better today. “Normal”. What a relief.

Failed to make any real progress on the jewelry question yesterday. Maybe today.

Check this space for updates, I seem to be doing updates or two entries a day more often than not these days.

Update: getting my plan sorted. It’s trouble because my brain is like, OH DO YOU WANT IDEAS? HERE ARE NEW IDEAS *brain vomits 5 new possibilities immediately* no not like that brain you useless shit. Anyway. 1. Dyed paper pieces. I will put words on them if I’m feelin it, otherwise not. If a retailer buys a selection I will include a couple with words. I will dye in 2 color ways each season and that’s it. Regular shapes. Focus on surface design/color transitions. Earrings may incorporate dangly beads since people like that shit. Maybe some linocut elements. But I’m not gonna be all over the place with it. I’m imagining a minimal display of like 5-10 pieces, same shape, but interesting differences in the paper. 2. Cyanotype pieces. More organic, free form shapes. Earrings with different shapes. Do more post earrings. Incorporate gold and silver leaf? 3. The leaf pieces. Not sure how to update this yet.

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