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Language Log

Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019 - 12:08 p.m.

Apropos of the previous entry, I think I should write a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel about parenting a PDA child and every time someone suggests we simply haven’t been firm enough, I can make them work through it. Ideally in front of me so I can ridicule the outcome of their choices.

And it would be a series, so they can see that there are no isolated events and that a bad choice in Book 1 leads to the adventure that is Book 3. And they can’t stop reading them until they find a solution that allows them to conclude the book with a bourbon on the rocks and a nap. Hahaha. (Is there one?)

I posted this idea in a PDA parenting group and everyone thinks it’s a great idea, so maybe I’ll do it.

In other news, I looked up the info for that wholesale crafts website I used to belong to that helped me get the retail accounts I had back before the Great Collapse. Their pricing is about the same, so I will plan to give that a go once I’m ready. Maybe I’ll go wholesale only and not do an Etsy shop for the jewelry. Retailers will like that.

I need to:
1. Clear work table.
2. Dye some paper
3. Make some jewelry. May need to order more resin.
4. Write a new artist statement.
5. Figure out some branding details/materials: info cards, packaging?
6. Photograph the jewelry I have made
7. Apply to that site and hope for the best.

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