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Language Log

Friday, Oct. 11, 2019 - 7:25 a.m.

I cleared off the work table. There are weird sticky bits on it that I can’t remove. I need a giant silpat to cover it.

Today I will dye some paper. The decision to keep it to one color combo per season is causing me some anxiety. Small-a anxiety. I just want it to look good, although I guess I can dye a couple different things and pick the one that turns out best. Use the rest for something else.

Artist statement, first draft:
I’m really cool and amazing and I do this thing better than anything else. I figured out the resin/paper thing myself. I like trying out new ideas. I like seeing what kind of patterns I can get. I like colors and letters and paper. They make damn fine jewelry.

Maybe I should put it in third person so it sounds fancier.

Update: I dyed the paper. I’m pretty happy with it. I have already thought of 4 new dyeing techniques to try out next time. I personally love just the watercolor look and color transitions and how the dye interacts with the paper, but I think there needs to be some additional focal element to bring it together. Text used to do that. Mosaic used to do that. A small print could if I could do it well. Good and silver leaf. I wonder what else? What have I not thought of yet? Something that adds not only visual focus but meaning. The weak point for the dyed-only, no-text pieces was always that you really have to love color or abstraction for its own sake. So another signifier in play would be good.

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