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Language Log

Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019 - 7:52 a.m.

I am super excited about the new approach to these pieces, but mired in a state of circular indecision about how to assemble them. Drill holes and attach jump rings? Make it a bead with a lengthwise hole? Thread it with wire or with cord? How do I tie small secure neat loops in either end of the cord to attach it to a chain? Would that look cheap and unprofessional or innovative and bold? Do I want it on a chain or on a neck wire? What if I drilled little holes all along the top and sewed it to the necklace structure? Should I get some silk cord? What if I made a weird combo necklace that’s like cord attached to chain attached to a long straight silver wire link attached to more cord and then another color of cord and then....?

Also I’ve wandered completely away from the project of making money, which is what got me started thinking about all this again. I still want money.

Anyway my concept for this new work is narrative jewelry, but sometimes when they say narrative jewelry I can’t figure out where the narrative is and so I’m gonna use text, but not in calligraphy, just my handwriting, in pencil. The text will all be taken from personal writings, here, emails, letters, whatever else. Private autobiographical writing. The context will not be clear. But I want it to feel personal and relatable and have a vulnerability. Elevating everyday moments, not necessarily ones normally celebrated, in a project of self-acceptance. It’s of a piece with how I enjoy small overlooked details and humble things and things at the margins. Even just with the paper I use, I do a big sheet and you can see the overall picture but when you take any 1” portion of it, it can become its own landscape or vignette. I want the aesthetic to be, overall, bold and maybe a little chaotic.

But right now I can’t figure out how to manage the physical properties of the jewelry.

And I have to pick up the house for the cleaners.

They are here now, I was able to pick up most of the surfaces I want them to clean. I get so anxious when people are cleaning my house.

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