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Language Log

Monday, Nov. 04, 2019 - 8:05 p.m.

Having a hard time pushing against it though. Walking in waist deep water against the tide. Have not quite finished the piece I started today, it’s been difficult. I keep getting stuck scrolling on my phone. Can’t focus. Some reluctance for no good reason. What I have done looks good. I have one more flower/sun and the buttonhole to do on it.

I have a spontaneous visual that is akin to spoons, just a thick line...wide line...but when I reach a certain point the line becomes very narrow and I start having trouble. And it just gets thinner and thinner until I am stuck and I can’t proceed at all with anything. I have to lay down and be alone. I can’t just be alone I have to lay down specifically.

I need to not be on my phone I need to lay down and shut down a bit but if I don’t want to sleep I scroll on my phone and nothing really gets much better. But if I put the phone away I fall asleep.

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