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Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019 - 8:36 a.m.

Gave in and made myself a mixed plaid and sequin bracelet. No regrets.

Last night a FB friend (not a close one but a prolific tag group guy whose groups are very funny) posted what was clearly a suicide note. Long thread of people worrying about him, saying someone call the cops! And someone else saying ffs do NOT call the cops! Go check on him. (He’s a young black man). Went to sleep worrying and sad.

Woke at 5 having dreamed he came back on the thread and was ok. Checked the thread and he hadn’t come back but someone local did go check on him— his family was there also looking for him— and after some searching he was found still alive. He hadn’t gone to work as planned but was near a bridge. Safe now anyway.

It hurts to see people hurting to that extent from afar and not being able to do anything about it.

I really feel like whether I make any $ or not on the bracelets, I am going to develop the talisman aspect more. I have so many friends with specific mental health issues and crippling anxieties and so on, like maybe if I made bracelets for specific people and gave them to them it would help them cope a little sometimes. All you need is a little extra sometimes. I really believe jewelry can do that, it’s imbued with personal meaning and handmade makes it stronger. You’ve got it there, on your body, tactile, visual, soft and strong reminder of something you need to remember.

First one I’m going to do will say “not today” and have the National suicide hotline number stitched on the inside. And I’m just going to give it to anyone who thinks they need it.

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