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Friday, Nov. 15, 2019 - 10:04 p.m.

I bought some candles from Frostbeard, the ones I had originally liked which imprinted on me. Plus a couple new scents to try. I’m glad to have them again. They aren’t quite as advertised (they don’t really smell like books) but they’re nice (and the bookstore one does indeed smell like a bookstore).

Other trivial self-indulgent purchases I would like to make: nail polish (again), thigh-high socks, sequins.

Made some progress reading about the psychology of magic etc. There was a study of superstitions (good luck charms in particular) that found they actually do improve performance. The authors though this was the result of greater self-efficacy and perseverance due to belief in the good luck charm.

Then there was a whole article about the fetishiziation of replica guitars. I won’t try to summarize it, but they went into useful details about the process by which mass produced items were endowed with great meaning and even believed to have magical-ish powers by their possessors.

Now I have this whole book about magic and capitalism to read, but I don’t know if it’ll be useful or not. But I do feel I’m getting a sense of how it works.

The bracelet did find a home. I am working on another, much less elaborate, for people who might not be into florals. I need to figure out how to get these into the hands of people who need them. As J noted, when people are depressed it can be really hard to ask for any sort of help or attention, much less accept an offer like this. They might think someone else who needs it more should have it. Or it might just be to hard to ask. But also I can’t just see depressed people in my feed and offer it. It could be stressful if it’s not their style, or they don’t want it for any reason. Or just kind of awkward to offer to someone specifically. Idk.

Kinda wish I could set up a patreon for it. I make these and give them away, people who support that mission pay a little. I could blog there about jewelry magic and give them stickers of images of (non-bracelet shaped) pieces as rewards.

I think big but am too easily crushed.

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