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Language Log

Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019 - 5:51 p.m.

I stitched a cute bird today. First attempt at appliqué. I’m pleased. Today cute birds, tomorrow something that actually fits my aesthetic.

The feeling of layers of cotton T-shirt material stitched together is really very lush and soft and I want to figure out what to make with it to use that best. If a bracelet, a wide one. I don’t know.

My friend requested a bracelet, so that’s good. I have a queue of two now and two more thinking about what it should say.

I am trying to simply be grateful for those who signed up but I do have a special sort of ire for my sisters who make some good money and love reacted my post and yet couldn’t throw me a dollar. I’m not entitled to anything but. Well, if it was me I’da done it. That’s all. I can’t bring myself to post about it every day on FB so I guess 3 supporters is it until I have some results to show for my efforts. That’s fair.

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