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Language Log

Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019 - 5:06 p.m.

Someone I don’t know very well told me my work was very strongly linked visually and thematically, and that made me happy.

Spent most of the day sitting at the car dealership while the van was serviced. I made a bracelet my friend requested while I was there. Got it all done and I really like it. I showed it to her when it was done and she said she loved it more than anything and it made her feel like there was more in life than her husband yelling at her.

So yeah. Getting in the mail to her ASAP.

The service guy asked what I was working on and I explained about the bracelets and he was very interested. Said his mother in law has severe mental illness and it’s an issue in the extended family as well, and he wanted to show his wife. So I gave him my info and said I’d be glad to make one for any of them.

I feel pretty good about it all today. People can relate to this project. That’s kind of new to me (says “acquisition of tense aspect marking in Swahili as a second language” woman). I still need to find the right sort of object for people who don’t wear jewelry at all.

Oh and my sequins arrived and I am all heart-eyes over them. I didn’t need that many multicolored iridescent cupped flower sequins, but now that I have them I will make the best of them. They are frivolous and I will make whimsical things with them.

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