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Language Log

Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2019 - 12:08 a.m.

The cleaning went fine.

Q at school went mostly fine till she had a meltdown, but she got through almost the whole day and later when she had calmed, said she still wants to go. She won’t talk to people or cooperate much (“read this word”, said the tester, showing her a word she is well capable of reading. “Moo” she said, over and over) and so they have no idea what she’s capable of doing so they start her out with easy stuff and she gets mad because it’s too easy. She also gives up the second there’s something challenging. It’s a very narrow window of ability +1 to help her move forward. They only know she can talk because she complains sotto voce about how easy and boring it is.

Today I patched my pajamas. My 25 year old pajamas that were probably the last pair I was truly happy to receive. They’re plaid and I’m patching them in mixed plaids and the part I have patched is both awesome looking and warmer now. I need to patch the neck and sleeve ends next but after that I just may carry on patching it unnecessarily in spots because I love the quilted texture of the patches with running stitch on them. I don’t like actual quilts much, oddly enough.

People keep trying to give me new pajamas. Today I put the ugly-ass nightgown my mom gave me last year into the giveaway bin, and I also turned down an offer of pajamas for Christmas from my mother in law. How are people wearing out their pjs this fast, I wonder?

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