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Language Log

Tuesday, Dec. 03, 2019 - 10:26 a.m.

There’s a person in my autistic groups...she’s been through A LOT and I like her, I’ll start by saying that. But she has a 3yo who she thinks is PDA and...it is to laugh. Also she posted photos of her elaborate Elf on the Shelf shenanigans in front of her immaculately tidy bookshelves and totally uncluttered room and said “sorry about the mess” and it’s like...bitch, stop. Fuck right the fuck off with all of that.


My neighbor who drops by sometimes is the unapologetically messy one who helps everyone relax about their homes, and I want to be like her. Not like Miss “I have an unused charger cord visible on the bookshelf, I’m such a slob haha”.

New dishwasher going in today. The top shelf on the old one, which was old when we bought the house 8 years ago, is rusted through in spots and it keeps threatening to collapse, but it still works and I feel guilty about replacing it with something shiny that will probably die in 3 years.

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