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Language Log

Sunday, Dec. 15, 2019 - 8:01 p.m.

Ended up depression napping most of yesterday. Today has been better. No major conflicts at lunch or anything, although I was grumpy because it was my lunch pick and the food ended up being too spicy. I still ate well.

Made biscotti today. I make 2 kinds: double chocolate walnut (actually I do one with walnuts and one without), and a white chocolate lemon pistachio with candied ginger and dried cherries. I keep wanting to add a third kind but it needs to be as delicious as the other 2 to be worth making and I haven’t found a recipe that rates yet. Something with browned butter? Espresso? Maybe using orange marmalade? How about browned butter espresso orange biscotti? Do those flavors work? The browned butter might get lost. Orange chai spiced biscotti with slivered almonds? Earl grey? Hmmm.

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