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Language Log

Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019 - 10:45 a.m.

Still feeling good. It feels less weird now, I could get used to this. I probably shouldn’t, but I could.

Got nail polish. Glittery gold! Glittery silver! Pearly red! And a deep plummy purple with sparkles in it. I shall be FESTIVE. If I can keep still long enough for it to dry properly and not get messed up, anyway.

J and I had an interesting talk about the tarot and all that. The paradox of stuff like this is that it is effective if one maintains a degree of irrationality about it, but if one doesn’t believe at all it won’t work psychologically. One’s irrational beliefs about it are a necessary part of the natural mechanism. So I’m just gonna go with it. As long as it’s working for me.

He thought the affirmations/keeping one’s will at the forefront of ones mind was also good solid practice, its usual woo trappings not withstanding. He compared it to the mechanisms of cognitive behavioral therapy, retraining the brain’s automatic responses to stuff. The painting Wordy made for me is also of a piece of this, it occurs to me. Those visual reminders are important.

I got an order for a pair of bracelets today. I was very hesitant when it came to the price, but I said what I said and she was cool with it. *whew*.

Other than that, been eating too many cookies. Working on the New Years card. I have the lettering done and am tracing it now to be transferred to lino. Then to carve. Then cut the paper, and print, and score and fold. Mayyyybe I’ll get it all done by early January.

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