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Language Log

Saturday, Dec. 28, 2019 - 8:39 a.m.

I ended up laying in bed most of the day yesterday, after that initial burst of activity. I don’t know why.

I made and resined a couple different new approaches to the jewelry, but the resin didn’t set up right so I still can’t conclude anything. Another go today and hopefully tomorrow I will see some progress. It would really be easiest to secure the metal findings between layers of paper for some pieces, so I’m trying to infuse the uncoated paper base with resin and hope it works. We shall see. I’m trying to avoid the modpodge stage. I hate the modpodge stage.

This morning I will move my drafting table to a new spot where hopefully I can use it more often. I want to do regular practice again.

This year I feel like having New Years goals. Last year I really didn’t, so this is progress, I guess.

1. The jewelry business reboot, once more with feeling. Income, feel like a useful cog again, contribute to household, etc. Increase sense of personal efficacy and autonomy.

2. Regular calligraphy practice

3. Keep up the home workouts and flexibility training

4. Keep making and giving away the bracelets and furthering my mission.

5. Go see my Welsh friend again, somewhere/somehow. This depends a lot on the success of step 1.

6. The street art. Yes! More of that! I have one ready to put up, I just haven’t yet.

I should start making paper to-do lists again, or scheduling or something.

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